Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM)

Powered by Cureatr Meds 360°

Suboptimal medication management is the biggest driver of cost, unrealized treatment goals, poor treatment outcomes, and mortality in the United States, representing $528 Billion in costs – roughly 15% of total US healthcare spend. We have the expertise, resources, and technology to help you tackle this problem.

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Vital Medication Management Support
with Expert Services and Software

CMM is powered by Meds 360°, an advanced, coordinated, whole-patient intervention service that uniquely combines software with expert services. The result? Superior clinical outcomes and fully realized treatment goals through the most effective and appropriate use of medications. How do we do it? A combination of real-time, accurate medication data for every single patient, clinical decision support, and pharmacist-enabled clinical services and interventions.


Dedicated board-certified pharmacists assess patients, evaluate medication therapies, develop medication care plans, and handle follow-up and monitoring.


An extension of your care team, armed with the Meds 360° medication management platform – a comprehensive, real-time view of patient medication history across all prescribers.


Seamless, real-time communication and transparency of health information, from inside and outside of your enterprise, so medication decisions are as informed as possible.


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Here’s What You’ll Get:

Our expert team of board-certified clinical pharmacists work with your care teams to deliver CMM that optimizes patient outcomes using our Meds 360° platform. Care is coordinated across providers and settings so your patients are always getting the most from their medication regimens.




Enroll patient population in Cureatr CMM.

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Enroll a population in Cureatr CMM:

  • Meds 360° automatically identifies high risk medication profiles.



Cureatr clinical pharmacist engages patient.

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Cureatr clinical pharmacist engages patient to:

  • Understand the patient's personal medication experience, history, preferences, beliefs.
  • Identify actual use patterns of all medication use.



Cureatr clinical pharmacist develops care plan.

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Cureatr clinical pharmacist develops an optimal care plan by:

  • Assessing each medication for appropriateness, effectiveness, safety, drug interactions, adherence.
  • Identifying all medication therapy problems (gap between current therapy and optimal therapy).
  • Developing a care plan with recommended changes.
  • Communicating with prescriber(s) for their consent and support.
  • Communicating with the patient to get their understanding and agreement.
  • Documenting all steps in EMR.



Cureatr clinical pharmacist follows up with patient.

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Cureatr clinical pharmacist stays connected to patient through:

  • Follow-up evaluations with the patient to determine effects of changes, to reassess actual outcomes, and to recommend further threaputic changes to achieve desired clinical goals/outcomes.
  • Coordinating care with other team members so the patient-specific goals of the therapy are understood by all team members.

Cureatr Fills in the Blanks

CMM is nothing new, and has been proven to improve quality outcomes, reduce provider burnout, and lower costs. But CMM has been riddled with technology and payment-model challenges that have prevented its widespread adoption in healthcare. The payment models have evolved and you’re taking more financial risk for your patients than ever. Our technology has evolved too; here is why CMM powered by Meds 360° is different:


Meds 360° gives our pharmacists the easiest, most user-friendly way to determine, in real-time, a patient’s current medications, their appropriateness, and therapeutic duplications or drug-drug interactions taking, across all prescribers and care settings.


We monitor adherence in real-time at the individual dose level, enabling our team to proactively intervene if a patient is off their medication management plan.


Our pharmacists act as medication therapy care coordinators. We work with your providers, using our care coordination and secure messaging tools, coordinating the complex medication regimes of high-risk patients, getting buy-in from all prescribers, ensuring the patient both understands and agrees, and documenting directly in your EMR.

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