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Cureatr Meds 360° COVID-19 Response

“Real-time pharmacy fill data immediately shows us the medications our incoming patients are taking and where they’re getting them so we don’t have to call pharmacies to figure out their current medication lists, which saves us critical time in treatment, helps avoid errors, and leaves already overwhelmed pharmacists alone. An accurate medication reconciliation at admission mitigates preventable extensions of lengths of stay, both crucial in keeping hospital resources available for COVID-19 response.”
Dr. Joseph Ng
Assistant VP of Medical Staff and CMIO, Mather, A Northwell Health Hospital
“Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Pinnacle Hospital has been primarily focused on reducing hospital utilization in any way possible to keep resources available for COVID-19 response. “With the help of Meds 360°, we have been able to decrease pre-admission medication reconciliation times by up to 20 minutes and catch drug-therapy problems that would have resulted in emergency admissions, ultimately enhancing throughput and helping patients avoid unnecessary admissions.”
Haley Carter
Pharmacy Director, Pinnacle Healthcare
"Before using Meds 360°, I did a few manual medication reconciliations. Later that week, I went back and searched those patients in Meds 360° and their medication records matched exactly to what was on paper. This is going to save us a bunch of time."
John Anderson
Director of Pharmacy, Aspen Valley Hospital
The alerts in Meds 360 helped us avoid a hospitalization. I used Meds 360° to see if a patient for whom I had prescribed an important maintenance medication yesterday actually picked it up. I was able to see in the history the next day that he had indeed followed through giving me peace of mind… the alerting in the application makes it easier to discuss information with the patient.”
Jose Maza MD
Medical Director, Innovacare
“It [Meds 360°] just makes everything so much easier. Patients don’t always know what they are taking. Patients often tell me that they ‘take something for blood pressure. It’s round.’ With Cureatr Meds 360° I can take care of my patients much better, especially COVID patients, since the majority are on respirators and have no family at the bedside.”
Physician Assistant
White Plains Hospital Cancer Center, Montefiore Health System
"In the era of COVID, Cureatr has proven to be an extremely beneficial tool. Having transitioned to a telehealth environment for medication reconciliation to conserve PPE and our core pharmacy staff, Cureatr is an extremely valuable tool in order to have a clear picture of a patient’s home medication regimen prior to initiating the telehealth conversation."
John Anderson
Director of Pharmacy, Aspen Valley Hospital

“I have been meaning to find a moment to send a thank you for the revolutionary role that Cureatr has had in our hospital. If you have ever wondered whether your team has contributed to the COVID response, please know that your efforts have had a monumental impact. Our team cannot imagine how we would be safely navigating this crisis without Cureatr. I am sure that same statement could be made in hospitals throughout the country.”

Chief Medical Communications Officer
University of Pennsylvania
"I could not begin to narrow down just one time Meds 360° has helped me perform my job. I consistently refer to Meds 360° for accurate medication reconciliations when patients fail to remember their medications, when we are seeing patients virtually and don't have pill bottles present, if there is some discrepancy between what the patient believes they have and what is reflected in the chart, or the times when the patient only knows shape and color of the pill. This service has been a lifesaver with tons of pharmacy non-adherence reports. I can quickly verify their fill history and save timely phone calls. I'm thoroughly satisfied with Meds 360°."
Registered Nurse
South Hill Family Medicine
Cureatr Med 360° has given us real time data about Medications, Pharmacies, and Doctors, that has improved our bedside interactions with patients.
Sonja James
LPN Medication Reconciliation, Jefferson Regional Medical Center

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