Medication Histories are at Best a Foggy Rearview Mirror.

Get Clarity.

To provide safe, effective care, clinicians must know a patient’s current and past medication history. But EMRs can only see what’s inside their systems, and patients are unreliable narrators. Cureatr gives practitioners the whole story.

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See Medications Past & Present,
Inside & Outside Your EMR.

Information is a practitioner’s most useful tool. Cureatr’s Meds 360° gives healthcare providers something they’ve never had before: the ability to reliably fill in the blanks of a patient’s medication usage, from what’s been prescribed to what’s being picked up — and what’s not. It’s revolutionary for clinicians, but moreover, potentially life-saving for patients.


Real-time, with up-to-date lists of medications, not just from your EMR but everywhere, covering over 265 million patients, all major pharmacy networks, and a growing number of independent pharmacies, all including cash-pays.

Medications listed for 265 million patients in the US

Red-Flag Waving, illuminating hazardous drug combinations, duplications and dose changes so life-saving action can be taken.

Software to illuminate hazardous drug combinations, duplications and dose changes

Curated to be easy to read and uncover patterns, helping clinicians reduce error and even predict issues before they become risks.

Reduce prescribing errors and predict issues

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Real-time prescribing and pharmacy pick up info

  • Lowered med rec times, by up to 70% with an average of 35% improvement

  • Higher medication adherence with the ability to identify and address avoidance behaviors

  • Reduced risk: spot controlled substance drug-seeking behavior and dangerous drug combos

  • Secure browser, phone & tablet usage; HIPAA-compliant on the go

  • No need to integrate with your EMR and engage your overwhelmed IT department

“Patients are often unreliable when it comes to remembering their medications. With Meds 360°, my team can quickly identify what’s been prescribed, if the patient picked it up, and easily follow up with the patient to determine the drug’s effectiveness and adjust regimens accordingly.”

— Aalap Modi, Director of Clinical Care Services, CPS Telepharmacy

“Before using Meds 360°, I did a few manual medication reconciliations. Later that week, I went back and searched those patients in Meds 360° and their medication records matched exactly to what was on paper. This is going to save us a bunch of time.”

— John Anderson, Director of Pharmacy, Aspen Valley Hospital

“The alerts in Meds 360° helped us avoid a hospitalization. I used Meds 360° to see if a patient for whom I had prescribed an important maintenance medication yesterday actually picked it up. I was able to see in the history the next day that he had indeed followed through giving me peace of mind...the alerting in the application makes it easier to discuss information with the patient.”

—Jose Maza MD, Medical Director, Innovacare

“Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Pinnacle Hospital has been primarily focused on reducing hospital utilization in any way possible to keep resources available for COVID-19 response. With the help of Meds 360°, we have been able to decrease pre-admission medication reconciliation times by up to 20 minutes and catch drug-therapy problems that would have resulted in emergency admissions, ultimately enhancing throughput and helping patients avoid unnecessary admissions.”

— Haley Carter, Pharmacy Director, Pinnacle Healthcare

Webinar: Optimizing Medication
Management with Meds 360°

Learn about several common, yet serious, medication errors caused by suboptimal medication management and how you can avoid them.

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Optimizing Medication Management

Save Money, Act Faster and Create a
Better Continuum of Care.


An incomplete patient picture: frustrating, unsafe and expensive.



Fewer blanks and gaps: safer, more informed, more effective care.

Inaccessible Info

Medication and patient history data locked in individual EMRs with little to no cross-over.

Wrong Info

Limited in breadth as they are, EMRs show e-prescribe data, which doesn’t get to patient behavior – and patients aren’t always the most reliable narrators.

Safety Risks

Non-Adherence, possible interactions and abuse left undetected because of lack of clinical history over time.








Across EMRs and all major pharmacy networks, covering 256 million patients and growing every day.

Right Info

Retail point of sale and claims data tells the whole story of what the patient is actually doing creating more consistent, effective care.

Improved Patient Safety

More complete meds information means the ability to catch potential drug interactions, clock patient adherence and see patterns that could signal abuse.

Cureatr Fills in the Blanks

A one-of-a-kind look behind the curtain of patient medication usage arms clinicians with more information than ever before to provide safe care and predict medication interactions, issues and overuses before they become life-threatening problems.

Comprehensive medication software

The only comprehensive medication product available, with a view to over 265 million patients

All major pharmacies are included

All major pharmacies and retail fill behavior, even cash-pays are searchable and included

12 Month Medication History

No more relying on patients’ memories with Cureatr Meds’ 12-month longitudinal profile


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