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Score Big on Adherence – With Patients and Medicare

Complete the primary and secondary non-adherence equation with clinical information linked with eRx, claims and cash fill data. A first for healthcare that means first-rate outcomes for patients and first-class STAR ratings for payers and providers.

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The Medication Non-Adherence Equation

Medication Adherence Instructions
  • 20% of first fills are not picked up
  • 50% of Patients don’t take their meds as prescribed
  • $100-$300 billion in non-adherence related costs yearly

Non-Adherence Isn’t Just a Patient Problem

When patients don’t take their medication, the system suffers as well. Primary and secondary non-adherence causes complications and costly re-admissions, but the tools to efficiently solve the problem haven’t been available – until now.
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Patients Lack Understanding

Left alone with a prescription, patients sometimes simply opt out. Connecting personally, with a full clinical and pharmaceutical picture in hand, is key to getting people to take their medicine.

Plagued Medication Adherence Process

False Positives Plague the Process

PMN simply isn’t done. Secondary adherence relies on slow claims data and is missing cash payments. No wonder nonadherence numbers are so inflated.


Gaps in Data Make the Job Nearly Impossible

eRX, claims, clinical and cash fill data are out there, but aren’t linked. (Cureatr has the cure.)

Make Reducing Primary Non-Adherence Your Biggest Win

  • The Complete Meds Picture, Now

    A uniquely complete data stream designed to identify PMNs in near real-time: eRx, allergy, C-CDA and fill data – including cash fills – all in one place with Cureatr Meds 360°

  • Human Help Reaching Patients

    Board-certified clinical support proven to drive increased adherence in first and follow-up fills. Reduce adherence-related events and improve STARS scores with Cureatr Clinical Support Services

  • Real-Time Claims and Clinical Info

    Comprehensive discharge summaries and historical clinical data from every available clinical encounter that fills in the full picture of a patient with Cureatr Clinicals 360°


The Cureatr Resource Library

More Thoughts on Non-Adherence

Improving Medication Safety and Adherence

Join us as we discuss issues with medication reconciliation and medication non-adherence and their effect on patient safety.


Scenario: Missed Medication Non-Adherence at the Primary Care Physician

See how Meds 360° can solve non-adherence through up-to-date medication and prescription history.


Medication Adherence: A Comprehensive Guide for Providers

When patients fail to adhere to their medication regimen by not taking their medications as prescribed, their health, wellbeing, and lives are put at risk. You can bring about positive change for your patients with our guidance.