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Support patients the way you’ve always wanted with patient-first, comprehensive, longitudinal medication management services that leverage Cureatr clinical pharmacists and unheard-of access to patient data.

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Medication management

Your Comprehensive Medication Management Partner

Reduce avoidable readmissions and ED visits

Reduce avoidable readmissions and ED visits

Suboptimal medication reconciliation post discharge creates all kinds of avoidable problems. Cureatr helps hospitals, health systems, and payers get ahead of them through timely patient engagement and committed provider partnership.

Raise TRC/MRP rates

Raise TRC/MRP rates

Your providers’ plates are more than full, and timely access to discharge summaries is hard to come by. Cureatr leverages the knowledge and skill of clinical pharmacists to partner with patients, caregivers, and physicians as part of the care team.

Increase quality performance

Increase quality performance

The impossible becomes possible with Cureatr. Boost performance on critical Medicare Stars, HEDIS, and quality program measures through Cureatr’s captive patient audience, and do it at a time they’re most likely to listen and respond positively.

Disrupt the Status Quo

Disrupt the status quo

If change comes slowly in your organization, you need a nimble partner with new ideas and the push to disrupt internal models of care. Cureatr is the outsider-insider for the job willing to work at risk for good outcomes.

A New Way to Do Medication Management

Research shows clinical pharmacists are the healthcare professionals patients trust most. We believe that they’re the missing link on successful care teams – and that most are missing out on the value they bring. Cureatr Clinic puts clinical pharmacists in the picture to help turn medication misses into opportunities for connection, education, risk reduction, and better health for all.

Payers For Payers

Cureatr helps resolve the medication management crisis with the best tools we know: unheard-of access to the world’s best prescribing and clinical databases and the power of human connection.

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Cureatr Clinic has become an important part of our transition of care approach. The Clinical Pharmacist is often the missing piece on a discharge planning team and such a critical function for helping our patients transition to home as smoothly as possible.

Farrukh N. Jafri, MD, MS-HPEd
Medical Director of Transitional Care (WPH Cares) at White Plains Hospital

Health Systems For Health Systems

Get a new solution to a very old problem that starts by solving medication issues at their root via a revolutionary platform and/or the help of informed, empathetic clinical pharmacists.

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“I found it so comforting to have someone to speak with, Cureatr's pharmacist soothed me a lot and helped me climb down from the anxiety tree.”


Cureatr Has the Evidence to Measure Our Difference, and the Confidence to Take On Risk for Our Outcomes

Our unique approach to medication management is proven to reduce readmission rates and create beneficial connections with patients that allow us to close quality gaps and address SDOH along the way. And we’re bullish enough on our outcomes to charge based on results.
Readmission Rates


relative reduction in 30-day readmission rates

Patient Engagement


engagement by patients

Pharmacist Recommendations


adoption of pharmacist recommendations by providers

Star Performance


Star medication reconciliation completion performance

Increase in adherence


increase in adherence to maintenance medications

Increase in statin use


increase in appropriate statin use

Untangling the Medication Mess Starts Today

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