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Perform more accurate medication reviews and reconciliation with unheard-of access to clinical and prescription data and insights. Cureatr medication management software gives your team the unique capability to reduce readmissions, improve safety, improve quality performance, and minimize risk and suboptimal medication use.

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Comprehensive Medication Management Software

Get a Medication History from a More Reliable Narrator

With unparalleled access to patient fill behavior over time and across multiple outlets, from hospital pharmacies to retailers, Cureatr’s medication reconciliation view allows providers to fill in the blanks in patient histories confidently and suggest action with certainty. The view provides an easily sortable and searchable resource for when information needs to be accessed quickly.

Current and Past Medications

You’ll be provided information regarding last filled dates, quantity, and number of days supplied, plus manufacturer-specific medication appearance. Helpful for patients who require more guidance or those with adherence issues.

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See current and past medications


Full data on who prescribed medications and how to reach them is helpful in resolving previously obscured interaction issues, dose optimization, and unclear indications.

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Knowledge of which pharmacy filled a prescription and how to reach them gives you the insight to resolve all kinds of adherence barriers, from lack of insurance coverage and missing prior authorizations to stock deficits and prescribing errors.

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See current and past medications Prescribers Pharmacies

Catch Interactions, Issues, and Overuses

Get alerts based on a patient’s complete medication profile and make decisions in full view of whole-patient history and health. Cureatr’s deep well of data includes all medications filled anywhere – from inside your institution and beyond – and is invaluable in identifying adherence complications, therapeutic duplications, high-risk medications, unnecessary polypharmacy, and even life-threatening interactions.

Duplicate medication alerts
Real-Time Clinical Data

Get Real-Time Clinical Data from all Major EMRs

Cureatr gives you access to data from the Carequality, CommonWell, and eHealth Exchange networks, including info from all major EMRs like Epic, Cerner, and athenahealth, including discharge summary, labs, imaging, diagnoses, and pertinent clinical notes. It’s a true, 360-degree picture of a patient’s encounters, regardless of where they happened.

Take a Truly Complete Medication History

Improve Medication Adherence

Quickly discern gaps in adherence and know the pills on hand, all with the clinical context to identify the right opportunities for intervention and coaching.

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Improve Medication Adherence

Perform More and Better Medication Reconciliation

Start with the correct info, ask the right questions, and confidently add medication-related missing pieces like over-the-counter meds. Plus, remove medications the patient is no longer taking.

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Perform Medication Reconciliation

Identify Issues Before Things Get Dangerous

See and adjust the patient’s complete medication list in one place. Catch inconsistencies, troubleshoot, and add notes to enhance the story, like medication usage explanations and issues the patient may be experiencing.

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Identify Medication Issues

Better Manage Patients with Chronic Conditions

Get a cross-system, end-to-end view of your most complex patients’ medication histories to better manage diabetes, hypertension, COPD, asthma, congestive heart failure, mental health, and more.

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Manage Chronic Conditions

Make Recommendations That Change Lives

Use Cureatr’s medication management software superpowers to identify medication issues and discover optimization opportunities. Then use those insights to make informed recommendations to patients, pharmacies, and providers and improve follow-up.

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Make Medication Recommendations

Pass the Info On With a Medication Action Plan

Export a Medication Action Plan for the patient and/or primary care physician. Or import it directly into an EMR for the benefit of other care team members.

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Medication Action Plan
Improve Medication Adherence Perform Medication Reconciliation Identify Medication Issues Manage Chronic Conditions Make Medication Recommendations Medication Action Plan

Excellent Data. Excellent Results.



up to 70%

lower med rec


average improvement in
accurate med lists

Choose How You Fill in the Blanks

Cureatr on the Web

Cureatr on the Web UI

Just log in and plug into the data. No need to integrate with your EMR or bother your already overwhelmed IT department.



Cureatr Comprehensive & Alerting APIs

Integrate our data into your systems seamlessly; everything is accessible and in one place. 


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Patients are often unreliable when it comes to remembering their medications. With Meds 360°, my team can quickly identify what’s been prescribed, if the patient picked it up, and easily follow up with the patient to determine the drug’s effectiveness and adjust regimens accordingly.
Aalap Modi
Aalap Modi
Director of Clinical Care Services, CPS Telepharmacy
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Before using Meds 360°, I did a few manual medication reconciliations. Later that week, I went back and searched those patients in Meds 360° and their medication records matched exactly to what was on paper. This is going to save us a bunch of time.
John Anderson
Director of Pharmacy, Aspen Valley Hospital
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The alerts in Meds 360° helped us avoid a hospitalization. I used Meds 360° to see if a patient for whom I had prescribed an important maintenance medication yesterday actually picked it up. I was able to see in the history the next day that he had indeed followed through giving me peace of mind...the alerting in the application makes it easier to discuss information with the patient.
Jose Maza
Jose Maza MD
Medical Director, Innovacare

A New Era in Medication Reconciliation Starts Today

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