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Cureatr Clinic, The Future of Medication Management

A revolutionary data and tech-enabled telepharmacy service that fixes suboptimal medication management for good.

Comprehensive Medication Review Prime

Increase medication-related HEDIS® measures, lower re-admissions, and keep your patients safe, healthy and comforted by our world class-care.

With only your member roster, our expert, board-approved, residency trained PharmDs use our industry leading data and technology to perform our core telepharmacy service, CMR Prime, a next-generation comprehensive medication review that supports medication reconciliation, adherence, deprescribing, chronic care management, and more.

Providers reviewing patient record
Our Services
Cureatr’s solutions help solve some of healthcare’s biggest medication management problems with four cutting-edge tools inside one insight-filled toolbox.
  • CMR (Comprehensive Medication Review) Prime
  • CMM (Comprehensive Medication Management)
CMR (Comprehensive Medication Review) Prime

Cureatr’s CMR Prime finally brings together all of the missing variables that once made optimal medication management an unattainable reality. Comprehensive, reliable, real-time medication histories with clinical context, cutting edge technology that makes sense of this data, expert patient outreach and engagement that actually reaches the patient and builds positive relationships, all resulting in the best medication action plan specific to each patient that they, and their providers, can trust. 

CMM (Comprehensive Medication Management)

A plan is only as good as its execution, and Cureatr makes sure its CMR Prime recommendations are adopted through regularly scheduled check-ins with the patient, and continuous patient monitoring and outreach with alerts for new medication errors, non-adherence, medication-related care gaps, adverse drug events, lower cost alternatives, new admissions, and new prescriptions to keep patient medication behaviors on track.

How it Works
  • Expert Telepharmacy
  • Data
  • Technology
Expert Telepharmacy

Cureatr’s team of board certified, residency trained, clinical pharmacists and pharmacy technicians deliver medication management support directly to patients at an unmatched level of quality. They are laser focused on excellence in patient care centered on ensuring that all patients are able to best manage their medications.  

Armed with our industry leading data and technology, they drive patient enrollment, connect and engage with patients to build trust and establish strong relationships with provider networks to ensure medication action plans are adopted and adhered to. 




Enroll patient population in Cureatr CMM

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Enroll patient population in Cureatr CMM:

  • Meds 360° automatically identifies high risk medication profiles.



Cureatr clinical pharmacist engages patient

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Cureatr clinical pharmacist engages patient:

  • Understand the patient's personal medication experience, history, preferences, beliefs.
  • Identify actual use patterns of all medication use.



Cureatr clinical pharmacist develops care plan by

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Cureatr clinical pharmacist develops care plan by:

  • Assessing each medication for appropriateness, effectiveness, safety, drug interactions, adherence.
  • Identifying all medication therapy problems (gap between current therapy and optimal therapy).
  • Developing a care plan with recommended changes.
  • Communicating with prescriber(s) for their consent and support.
  • Communicating with the patient to get their understanding and agreement.
  • Documenting all steps in EMR.



Cureatr clinical pharmacist follows up with patient

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Cureatr clinical pharmacist follows up with patient:

  • Follow-up evaluations with the patient to determine effects of changes, to reassess actual outcomes, and to recommend further threaputic changes to achieve desired clinical goals/outcomes.
  • Coordinating care with other team members so the patient-specific goals of the therapy are understood by all team members.
Real-time Complete, Accurate Medication Histories.
Real-time, current medication histories not just from your EMR but everywhere, derived from payment data from the vast majority of PBMs and retail pharmacies, covering over 265M patients, including cash pays.
Comprehensive Clinical Data and Patient Records.
Real-time, clinical data from electronic health records (EHRs) synthesized across enterprises with every clinical encounter available for 285M patients, regardless of where it happened.
Clinical Event Notifications Spanning the Entire Country.
Every admission, discharge, and transfer across the United States in real-time.
Medication Profiles

Reliably fill in the blanks of medication usage for 265 million patients, from what’s been prescribed to what’s being picked up, including cash-paid
prescriptions, over the past 12 months.

Meds 360° delivers the most up-to-date and comprehensive medication lists, spanning all prescribers and all retailers from within your
institution and beyond, in real-time.

Clinicals 360°

Real-time, clinical data for all of your patients' encounters, regardless of where they happened, giving providers the clinical context needed to truly optimize patient medication plans. Each encounter contains vital information like discharge summaries, procedures, problem lists, ICD-10 codes, discharge plans, and more.


Easily and effectively perform medication reconciliations, create a current medication list, document any allergies and vaccinations, medication problems identified, interventions taken, and recommendations made to the provider or patient.

Easily export the medication action plan (MAP) in a configurable HEDIS-compliant medication action plan that can be sent to providers and patients.

Medication Alerts
Real-time alerts and insights based on a patient’s medication and clinical data to perform timely interventions when opportunities to improve a patient’s management of their medications arise. Alerts are aligned with HEDIS® and Medicare Stars logic, where appropriate, in order to drive performance on quality program performance.
Clinical Event Notifications
Real-time notifications of patient admissions, discharges, and transfers to support immediate interventions.
Population Health
Cureatr’s analytics engine that aggregates all of our data across an entire patient population to easily see areas of medication-related risk, track the effect of your medication interventions against your overall performance, and filter and compare different demographic information against medication data as well as drill down into specific patient profiles to see which of your patients need the most attention.