Medication Histories + Clinical Context = Optimal Medication Management

Get the full clinical story behind a patient’s medication history to properly and effectively manage patient medication regimens. Get context.
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Clinical Documents

Every Clinical Encounter for Every Patient,
Across the Entire Care Continuum

To truly optimize medication management, clinicians need more than just comprehensive, accurate medication histories; they also need the clinical background surrounding those medications. Cureatr’s Clincals 360° provides all the clinical facts you’ll need to deliver safe, effective medication related assessments and interventions.


Easily access high-priority clinical information from every patient encounter and real-time pharmacy claims and retail data in one place for over 285 Million patients in the US.

Cureatr Clinicals 360 Patient Data

Each encounter summary includes e-Prescribe data, allergies, diagnoses, problem lists, lab results, vital signs, plans of care, procedures, reason for visit, reason for referral, reason for hospitalization, and discharge summaries.

Cureatr Encounter Summary

Seamlessly navigate through each encounter with summaries organized by date and the ability to filter across all encounters to easily find what you’re looking for.

Organized Clinical Summaries

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Increased speed and effectiveness (of medication-related assessments and interventions.

  • Improved primary non-adherence through combining e-Prescribe data with the claims and point-of-sale data, spotting failure to fill the first prescription.

  • Deeper understanding of the patient’s medical history, with access to holistic clinical data independent of the EMR on patients across the continuum to customers.

  • Analysis of patient populations based on a full range of health behavior including admissions, lab results, dxs, and medication pickup behavior to identify trends, stratify risk, and prioritize interventions.

  • Secure browser, phone & tablet usage; HIPAA-compliant on the go.

  • No need to integrate with your EMR and engage your overwhelmed IT department.



Easily produce Medication Action Plans with Meds 360° Planner

Perform medication reconciliations and empower clinicians to create actionable medication plans for both patients and care teams.

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Cureatr Fills in the Blanks

Real-time, clinical data synthesized across the care continuum with every clinical encounter, regardless of where it happened, arming clinicians with vital context to understand the why behind suboptimal medication management, and fix it for good.

Patient Database

The only comprehensive clinical data source, with a view to over 285 million patients.

Data Across Networks

Sourced from a vast national healthcare data network to retrieve a patient’s medical records and securely provide you with full patient histories on demand.

Easy to Use Interface Cureatr

Data is curated into an easy to use interface so you can make actionable decisions.

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