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The Medication Reconciliation Post-Discharge Equation

Doctor deprescribing medication
  • 16.8 million of US adults over 65 take 5+ medications
  • ~50% of patients experience an adverse drug event (ADE) every year
  • 20% of US adults over 65 have an ADE each year
  • 100,000 deaths are due to ADEs each year
  • $2 billion is spent on ADE-related hospitalizations per year

Too Many Patients. Too Many Errors. Too Little Time.

Deprescribing is vital to improving outcomes, but it’s a job that patients aren’t suited for and that pharmacists are too rarely tapped to perform.
Understanding Prescription

Patients Lack Understanding

With more patients taking more than a handful of prescriptions at a time, managing medication is way above a typical civilian’s pay grade.

Pharmacy Challenge

Pharmacists Aren’t Often at the Table

Pharmacists are drug experts and constitute the front lines of deprescribing, but often aren’t tapped to do the work.

Ownership Responsibility

No One Owns the Problem

Deprescribing is everyone and no-one’s “job.” Without true ownership of the task, it falls off everyone’s plate.


Scores Matter, But Lives Matter More

HEDIS says you’ve got 30 days to get the MRP done, but 53% of discharges have medication errors. Why wait? (With Cureatr, you don’t have to.)

Clinical Pharmacists

Cureatr Makes Medications Manageable

  • Board-Certified, Clinical Pharmacist Support

    Armed with our industry leading data and technology, our pharmacist-led medication management service delivers impactful results in quality improvement, readmission reductions, capacity management, and cost avoidance.

  • Cutting-Edge Data and Technology

    Fill in the gaps of medication management with Cureatr’s technology suite that pulls the scattered pieces of patient data together - medication and clinical history, and discharge behavior to empower your staff to deliver more.

Clinical Pharmacists

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More Thoughts on the Deprescribing Conundrum

Payer Opportunities to Increase Medication Management

During this webinar moderated by Cureatr, a panel of experts on both the provider and payer side of healthcare will discuss the challenges and opportunities that exist for both parties and what each can be doing to support the other.


Scenario: Missed Therapeutic Duplication at the Outpatient Clinics

See how Meds 360° can help prevent 30-day hospital readmissions.

Understanding and Addressing Polypharmacy: A Detailed Guide

Understanding and Addressing Polypharmacy: A Detailed Guide

Our guide explores the concept of polypharmacy in great detail, including current trends, risks, challenges, and solutions.