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Continuous Care for Complex Cases, Without the Burnout

Get end-to-end medication management for disease-specific cases – CMM for your most complex patients – performed cross-system, seamlessly, without laborious integration with your EMR.

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The Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) Equation

Patients with ailments
  • 34 Million
    adults have diabetes
  • 108 Million
    adults have hypertension
  • 16 Million
    adults have COPD

So Much Patient Data. So Little Interoperability.

Patients with ongoing, disease-specific challenges are a treasure-trove of data, from clinical information to multiple medications taken over time. Their care is also a risk however, that requires a longitudinal approach. Unfortunately, that amazing data is often disconnected.
Multiple Medications

Multiple Medications Make Treatment Tricky

Patients with multiple comorbidities are often on complex regimens, creating interaction risks and increased potential for non-adherence.


Clinical & Fill Data are Disconnected

Seeing the whole patient across admissions, treatments and diagnoses is vital to managing A1c, hypertension, and many other clinical endpoints, but clinical and prescription fill data is typically siloed.

Cross-Enterprise CMM

Cross-Enterprise CMM Doesn’t Exist

As a result, disconnected disease management does.

Connect All the Dots for Your Most Complex Cases

  • End-To-End Medication Management

    Manage all clinical endpoints at once with eRx, labs, vitals, ICD-10s, problem lists, immunizations, allergies and fill data all in one place with Cureatr Meds 360°

  • Real-Time Claims and Clinical Info

    Combine the above with comprehensive discharge summaries and historical clinical data from every available clinical encounter with Cureatr Clinicals 360°

  • Board-Certified Clinical Support

    Reach patients via 400 telepharmacists armed with all the above data to create deep connections and expert medication action plans with Cureatr Clinical Support Services

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The Cureatr Resource Library

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Improving Patient Care With Medication Management

This e-book is designed to help you develop a new medication management program or improve an existing program.