Medication Reconciliation Post-Discharge (MRP)

A Tech-Enabled Clinical Pharmacy Service Powered by Cureatr Meds 360°

Reduce Preventable Medication-Related Readmissions, drive HEDIS/STARS Scores and Improve Patient Satisfaction between health care visits.

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Medication Reconciliation Post-Discharge
Medication Reconciliation Post-Discharge
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Quality Care Doesn’t End When the Patient
Leaves the Hospital

Adverse drug events (ADEs) are one of the most common preventable adverse events in all settings of care, with studies indicating that approximately 20% of patients experience an ADE within three weeks of discharge. To ensure patient safety, 100% of patients should be receiving an MRP within 72 hours of discharge, but only ~50% of patients do.


Care providers are often unaware that a discharge has occurred.


Current methods of identifying non-adherence and other medication related risks are error-prone and inefficient.


Organizations lack the clinical resources to perform MRPs on 100% of discharged patients.


Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Our ability to identify primary non-adherence (first fill not picked up) through our unique and expansive blend of clinical, claims, and demographic data married with our access to 85% of national discharge data, including discharge meds, with real-time fill data

  • Our ability to reach patients is enhanced by more detailed and current provider-sourced contact information for them in our demographic data

  • Our price will be lower than what you’re used to because of our tech-enablement

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“Cureatr has revolutionized patient care. It has proven to be a valuable asset for our care team.”

— Hospital Physician

How It Works

The Technology

Real-time awareness of patient discharge

Cureatr Meds 360° real-time national discharge data and alerting to notify our telepharmacists when a patient has been discharged from the hospital so we can make timely and actionable interventions. This allows our clinical staff to perform the patients MRP within 48 – 72 hours post-discharge.

Clinical, claims, and pharmacy retail data covering 85% of US patients

Meds 360° provides us with a complete discharge summary as well as historical clinical data from every available clinical encounter that the patient has had. Our team has access to the discharge medications, hospital discharge instructions, plan of care, problem lists ICD-10s, procedures, allergies, lab results, vital signs, and more.

Meds 360° integrates this real-time clinical data with real-time Rx fill data delivering the most up-to-date and comprehensive medication lists across all prescribers regardless of their location and EMR. It includes e-Rx data, real-time pharmacy claims, and retail point-of-sale data including cash transactions.

Cureatr merges these real-time data sets to identify primary and secondary non-adherence if, for instance, the patient has failed to pick up their discharge medication(s).

The Service

Our board-certified, clinical telepharmacy team will harness the power of Meds 360° to:

  • Understand the discharge, make the call / have the visit with the patient, and perform a superb medication reconciliation, driving better adherence with our rich clinical, eRx, claims and retail POS data sets.
  • Document the MRP encounter so you can get credit towards your MRP HEDIS® measure and STARS score.
  • Give closer attention and care to high-risk patients, providing comprehensive medication reviews, medication action plans, care team coordination, and ongoing monitoring of the patient to make sure they pick up and take their medication as prescribed.
Cureatr Meds 360

Cureatr Fills in the Blanks

Cureatr’s team of hundreds of world-class clinical telepharmacists do your MRPs for you, empowered by Meds 360°, which provides real-time discharge notifications that include full discharge summaries, accurate medication data for every single patient, clinical decision support, and demographic and contact information.

Increased HCAHPS Scores

Increased HCAHPS Scores, STAR Ratings, and HEDIS measures.

Fewer harmful ADEs

Fewer harmful adverse drug events (ADEs) that average ~$9,700 per episode

Lower hospital readmission rates

Lower hospital readmission rates

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