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The Medication Reconciliation Post-Discharge Equation

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  • 36 Million discharges per year
  • 50-60% of discharges have MRPs performed.
  • 53% adults discharged leave with at least one medical error
  • 27% of patients have an adverse drug reaction post-discharge
  • 20% of patients are readmitted due to adverse drug reactions

Too Many Patients. Too Many Errors. Too Little Time.

Follow-up with 100% of discharged patients is vital, but the process is broken and practitioners often lack the time and resources to get the job done.

PCPs are Slammed

PCPs prioritize scheduled patients, not those who have just left the building, and no matter how well-trained, most MDs aren’t pharmacology experts. Simply, their focus is elsewhere, not on MRPs.


Data Lags

Vital data, from discharge summaries to patient meds pick-up info, is often either delivered too late or disconnected from clinical information, rendering it ineffective.


Discharge Notifications are Delayed

Discharge information is often difficult to come by – especially in real-time. If you don’t know when an MRP needs to happen, how can you do one?


Scores Matter, But Lives Matter More

HEDIS® says you’ve got 30 days to get the MRP done, but 53% of discharges have medication errors. Why wait? (With Cureatr, you don’t have to.)

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Cureatr Makes Medications Manageable

  • Board-Certified, Clinical Pharmacist Support

    Armed with our industry leading data and technology, our pharmacist-led medication management service delivers impactful results in quality improvement, readmission reductions, capacity management, and cost avoidance.

  • Cutting-Edge Data and Technology

    Fill in the gaps of medication management with Cureatr’s technology suite that pulls the scattered pieces of patient data together - medication and clinical history, and discharge behavior to empower your staff to deliver more.

Clinical Pharmacist

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More Thoughts on the MRP Problem
Medication Reconciliation Checklist

Medication Reconciliation Checklist

This checklist covering more than a dozen critical actions can help guide your medication reconciliation encounters to better ensure that they are performed completely, accurately, and efficiently.


Medication Reconciliation Post-Discharge (MRP) Brochure

Learn about our tech-enabled clinical pharmacy service powered by Cureatr Meds 360°.

Medication Reconciliation White Paper

Medication Reconciliation: The Biggest Patient Safety Issue Facing Clinicians Today

In this white paper, we discuss: the critical role medication reconciliation plays in delivering safe care; why it is often difficult for organizations and their clinicians; and more.