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Meds 360° for Populations

Give us 1,000 of your patients. We'll assess their medication-related risk for free, today.
Populations gives you a full picture of the medication-related risk of your patient population by looking at their medication pick-up behavior - whether they paid cash, used a prescription coupon, or a payer or PBM bought it - from anywhere in the United States. Uncover trends and identify patients with high-risk medication profiles in need of intervention and ongoing medication management.
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Populations Dashboard

Uncover Valuable Insights to Close Medication Gaps

In order to improve clinical outcomes, you have to get the meds right. Cureatr Meds 360° for Populations takes the same real-time medication data from our Meds 360° solution and aggregates it so you can easily see areas of medication-related risk across an entire patient population and track the effect of your medication interventions against your overall performance. You can also filter and compare different demographic information against medication data as well as drill down into specific patient profiles to see which of your patients need the most attention.


Identify Patterns, Trends, and Opportunities 
Use medication fill behavior, ADT feeds, your own clinical records, and social determinants of health data to identify population-level and patient-level opportunities to reduce medication-related risk, prevent problems, and improve health outcomes.

Meds by Age

Track KPIs in Real-Time
Establish a baseline and continuously analyze medication-related performance against your organizational goals.

Effect of deprescribe program over time

Take Immediate Action 
Single out patients in immediate danger of medication-related harm such as primary or secondary non-adherence to critical meds, drug-drug interactions, and controlled substance abuse, and coordinate intervention to avoid hospitalizations, re-admissions, and potential deaths.

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Here's What You'll Get

  • Real-time insights that highlight trends across your facilities and patients, including current medication levels, polyprescriber and polypharmacy measures, high-risk therapies, PDCs and maintenance medication adherence scores, and effects of medication management programs.

  • Group and filter by medication-related risk, diagnoses, and acute care utilization.

  • Drill down to individual patients, prescribers, and dispensers.

  • Highlight the most complex drug regimens, highest utilizers and frequent fliers.

  • Easy to use and understand visualizations




Power Your Population Health Initiatives with Dispensed Medication Data

Learn how Medication History for Populations from Cureatr Meds 360º provides timely and accurate dispensed medication data for at-risk patient populations.

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Cureatr Fills in the Blanks

With better, more intuitive and useful ways to look at at-risk patient medication performance data.

Prescribing and fill behavior

We give you medication prescribing and fill behavior across the continuum of care, not just your institution, so your providers are starting from the most informed place possible.

real-time updates

Our dashboards are updated in real-time – the medication data that infuses it is constantly updating based on patients’ actual pick-up behavior at the pharmacy or receipt of meds via mail order.


We are fully connected to a mobile notification system so that the same data that is updating in real-time in the Dashboard can be sent via secure message to the care provider who can do something about it.

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