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Cureatr’s Virtual Pharmacy Clinic gives you direct access to one of our expert, board-certified clinical pharmacists, at no cost to you, from the comfort of your home via phone. They work with you, your doctor, and your pharmacy to make sure you reach your treatment goals through the most effective and appropriate use of your medications.

How it Works

Shouldn’t my doctor already be doing this?

Doctors are medical experts who are trained in the diagnoses, treatment, and care of medical conditions to keep people in their best possible health. While prescribing medications is a vital part of a doctor's role, most do not possess the deep knowledge or training to adequately manage a patient’s complex medication plan. Just as you see a specialist when you need specialized care, you need a healthcare professional who is specialized in optimizing medication selection, dosing, and monitoring, especially if you have a complex or costly medication regimen.

What you’ll get:


Decreased Risk of Harm Caused by a Medication and Hospitalizations

Consider that following a medical appointment or visit to the hospital:

  • 53% of adult patients leave with at least one medication error

  • 27% of patients experience harm from using a medication following a hospital discharge

  • 20% of patients are readmitted due to an adverse reaction to a medication

We make sure that any new medications following a medical appointment or hospital visit are safe for you to take with your current medications. We also take the time to help ensure you understand how to properly take your medications to keep you healthy and out of the hospital.

Provider and patient in hospital

Fewer Medications

If you see several healthcare providers and specialists, like a primary care provider and a cardiologist, you may be prescribed medications that are redundant, harmfully interact with other medications you may be taking, increase safety risks, or do little to help you progress toward to your health goals.

We review all of your medications across providers, so we can remove those medications you don't need to take or shouldn't be taking. This leads to a simpler medication plan, lower costs, and reduced chance of bad reactions and side effects.


Peace of Mind

All Cureatr pharmacists have received their PharmD (a Doctor of Pharmacy degree), are board certified with an accredited residency training, and are trained to work with patients, doctors, and caregivers. In other words, they're some of the most highly trained and educated pharmacists in the country.

Our pharmacists perform routine, one-on-one check-ins with you and then reach out whenever new medications are prescribed or when you meet with a healthcare provider about a medical issue. This way, you can rest assured that your medications are supporting your health goals.

Pharmacist mobile check in

How it Works

During your first 30-45-minute medication consultation with your Cureatr Pharmacist that can take place from the comfort of your home via phone, the pharmacist will:

  • Review all your current medications and any new prescriptions for safety and effectiveness.

  • Discuss your health goals and ensure your medications will help you achieve them.

  • Address any questions or concerns you have about your medications.

  • Review the purpose of each medication you are taking, the intended effects and potential side effects, and any possible interactions you may experience.

  • Provide you with a medication action plan that will include all your current medications as well as tips, recommendations, and cost-saving opportunities.

Following your first medication consultation, Cureatr will schedule routine check-ins and work with you as needed to keep you on track with your medication plan and health goals.

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