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The Only Turnkey Medication Management Clinical Service

Make the data and human connections that correct prescribing errors, mitigate adverse drug reactions, improve adherence, and reduce readmissions — with no software, data, or clinical workflow integration needed. Cureatr Clinic takes care of it all.

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Better Care Starts With More Complete Medication Management

It’s one of healthcare’s biggest —and most critical — puzzles. Which part of the complex medication equation can Cureatr help you solve?

Medication Reconciliation Post-Discharge

Achieve 100% MRP completion rate, reduce medication-related readmissions, and decrease total cost of care with the best technology and clinical pharmacy expertise.  

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Medication Adherence

Our pharmacists will easily and accurately identify issues and gaps in care and connect with patients to get their medication-taking behaviors on track to consistently achieve the best outcomes possible. 

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When the number of medications grows, health and financial risks grow with it.  We have accurate data and insight into patient medication regimens to safely reduce prescriptions when necessary, mitigate interactions, decrease adverse drug events, and cut pharmacy spend. 

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Condition-Specific Comprehensive Medication Management

Unparalleled access and insight into chronically ill patient care to make sounder, smarter, and faster decisions to achieve target condition-specific outcomes. 

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The Value of Addressing Suboptimal Medication Management

Cureatr provides revolutionary, data-driven, tech-enabled telepharmacy services that address the two core components of suboptimal medication management – inadequate information and intervention.


Work Faster. Work Smarter. Improve More Lives.


Make Stronger Member Connections 

Combine comprehensive clinical and prescribing data with powerful clinical pharmacy support to reach out and truly connect with patients where they are.



Raise Quality Scores

Complete post-discharge medication reconciliations and reduce errors — period. Cureatr gives you the expert human horsepower to get it done.



Reduce Errors – and Spend

Put together all the pieces of your members’ health puzzle, not just a few, to correct errors, mitigate interactions, and, importantly, reduce readmissions.