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Solve the Medication Data Disconnect and Help More Patients

Solve interoperability challenges and improve clinical efficiency by getting the full picture of complex cases — a 360° view of clinical and prescription fill data, automatically, without extra work or EMR integration.

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Better Care Starts With More Complete Medication Management

It’s one of healthcare’s biggest (and most critical) puzzles. Which part of the complex medication equation can Cureatr help you solve?
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Medication Reconciliation Post-Discharge

The best technology and clinical pharmacy expertise to improve HEDIS and Medicare Stars performance on medication-related measures and lower the risk for readmissions and adverse drug effects.

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Medication Adherence

Achieve the best outcomes by effectively catching missed medication pickups and fills, and easily connect with patients and their care team to get their medication-taking behaviors back on track and keep it that way.

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Reduce unnecessary polypharmacy and prescribing of inappropriate medications with a three-dimensional picture of each patient’s health journey. Real-time clinical context and medication history in the hands of expert clinical pharmacists for the most optimal and effective medication regimens for each patient.

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Condition-Specific Comprehensive
Medication Management

Patients with multiple comorbidities are often on complex medication regimens prescribed by disconnected care teams and filled at multiple pharmacies. Get end-to-end management of the chronically ill and improve disease specific outcomes by filling in the data gaps that put these patients at risk.

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The Value of Addressing Suboptimal Medication Management

Cureatr provides revolutionary, data-driven, tech-enabled telepharmacy services that address the two core components of suboptimal medication management – inadequate information and intervention.

Executive Summary

Work Faster. Work Smarter. Improve More Lives.


Supercharge Clinical Efficiency

Overcome interoperability challenges for good and give clinical support staff the information and insight they need to make a faster, more meaningful difference for high-risk patients.


Put all the Pieces Together

Complete the full picture of complex patient cases with the most comprehensive medication and clinical information available.


Cureatr Does the Work

No need to integrate with your EMR or consume your data. Cureatr comes to you with everything you need to solve the medication reconciliation equation: medication fill history, clinical info, prescribing data, clinical pharmacist support, and much more.