Why Medication Reconciliation Needs to be More Than Checking the Box

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Improve Patient Safety

Our team reduces medication errors and helps patients adhere to their medications with unrivaled technology and expert pharmacist interventions.


Perform Every Med Rec Post-Discharge

Get the most complete discharge, clinical and pharmaceutical info in real-time or have Cureatr Clinical perform 100% of your MRPs.


Reduce Readmissions and Improve Quality Scores

Complete post-discharge medication reconciliations and reduce errors — period. Cureatr gives you the expert human horsepower to get it done.

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Are you worried about patient safety and preventable re-admissions due to medication errors and non-adherence? Frustrated by how time-consuming and inaccurate medication reconciliation processes? If yes Cureatr is right for you!

By using our suite of software solutions or enlisting the help of our expert team of clinical telepharmacists with Cureatr Clinic, Cureatr can help:

  • Achieve 100% MRP completion rate, reduce medication-related readmissions, and decrease total cost of care. 
  • Easily and accurately identify issues and gaps in care and connect with patients to get their medication-taking behaviors on track to consistently achieve the best outcomes possible. 
  • Safely reduce prescriptions when necessary, mitigate interactions, decrease adverse drug events, and cut pharmacy spend.